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Statistical Calculator for Ranked Data Psi Tests

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Ranked Data Test

Ranking ProcedureEnter Total Trials Statistical Analysis
Hit = low rank
Hit = high rank

MCE* Sum of Ranks:
Critical ratio (z):
Significance Level:
Evidence for Psi-Hitting:
Evidence for Psi-Missing:

Two-tailed One-tailed
*MCE = Mean Chance Expectation About this Calculator
No. of Targets in Judging Set Enter Sum of Ranks
for Actual Target

Ranked Data

This calculator can be used to analyse data from parapsychological experiments in which data represent rank order judgments of the match between a target and a response.

Ranking Procedure

First, select the procedure used to rank the data. If a rank of 1 was used to indicate the preferred target, choose "Hit = low rank". If the preferred target was given the top rank, choose "Hit = high rank".

Number of Targets in Judging Set

Next, select the number of targets used in the judging set (this must be the same for all trials)..

Trials and Sum of Ranks

Next enter the total number of trials and the Sum of Ranks (across all trials) given to the actual target. Finally, click "Calculate".

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