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Came true?

Dec 8 2011
10:42 PT
Aircraft accident. [Aircraft model and livery described] coming into land in daylight, banks sharply and the right wing tip hits the ground (in a field with trees/bushes around the perimeter, and the plane breaks up.
Nov 25 2011
03:10 PT
Aircraft accident. I was walking on a road in the [area named]. It must have been after 15:00 because school children were walking home from school. I looked up at a plane travelling East, it had blue signage on its tail. I watched as the plane lost altitude then try to pull up. It did a sharp bank to the right and then dived down. I could see it was going to crash and hoped that it would land in the [river named] and not in a residential area. Some people on the street ran towards the direction of the crash, others stood staring in disbelief, in the direction of the crash. I did not want to run with the others to the crash because I knew there would be no survivors
Oct 6 2011
21:38 PT
Major hurricane to hit Texas within next month.
Oct 6 2011
15:36 PT
Terrorist attack on [type of city described]
Oct 3 2011
10:11 PT
Avalanche will kill a famous female star on her vacation [country named]
Sep 30 2011
04:47 PT
Terrorist bombing in [country and city named]
Sep 27 2011
14:29 PT
Terrorist bombing in [country named]
Aug 23 2011
18:16 PT
Death of [famous person named] of natural causes around Dec 5th or 15th 2011.
July 11 2011
16:24 PT
Aircraft accident. I dreamed of a blue colored 747 in a midair collision with a smaller aircraft, perhaps a 757. I think it happened in [place named] ... These aircraft seemed to have some connection to [named] airport. Casualties were immense.
May 6 2011
19:55 PT
Earthquake will hit from the top of north Queensland Australia down through the eastern coast across to Victoria.
Mar 12 2011
23:50 PT
Japan - On 11th March, 2011, Japan experienced a major earthquake and tsunami. Sadly, this event is only a prelude to a bigger, more catastrophic earthquake. I predict that Japan will experience another major earthquake between mid-March to mid-April (2011). This next earthquake will measure higher than 9.0 on the Richter Scale and will have a devastating effect on Japan's capital city, Tokyo.
Jan 3 2011
07:27 PT
Earthquake in Queensland, Australia

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