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Came true?

12 Jun 2017
00:16 PT
Terrorist attack [country and some details given]  
07 Jun 2017
06:36 PT
Terrorist attack [location identified]  
24 Apr 2017
22:46 PT
Chemical attack by terrorists.  
24 Mar 2017
04:32 PT
Terrorist attack [country and location details given] possibly on March 27th.  
23 Mar 2017
20:31 PT
Terrorist attack [possible locations given]  
20 Mar 2017
02:00 PT
I keep dreaming of tsunamis. I was given 14.30h ... maybe the time it would hit? Also numbers like 72 or 62 14. Date maybe 11 or 22 or sometime in May 2017.  
09 Feb 2017
17:31 PT
Very soon something bad will happen in [area identified]. Biological or chemical outbreak, a terrorist attack, or another country dropping bombs. Will happen within the year.  
23 Jan 2017
14:13 PT
Death of famous musician [identified and some details given]  
10 Jan 2017
01:14 PT
Attack on political leader [identified]  
06 Jan 2017
Terrorist attack at political event [details given]  

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