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  Michael Daniels
Psychic Science
 Test your psychic abilities, cast readings and explore the
 paranormal with parapsychologist Michael Daniels PhD 


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Came true?

10 Oct 2016
Asteroid impact.  
09 Oct 2016
13:08 PT
Nuclear explosion.  
26 Sep 2016
18:34 PT
Natural disaster affecting Texas / Louisiana coast in summer 2017.  
25 Sep 2016
01:22 PT
Huge earthquake and tsunami in the Gulf of Mexico.  
05 Sep 2016
09:23 PT 
Biological terrorist attack [Country specified]  
11 Aug 2016
05:53 PT
Asteroid impact on Earth.  
31 Jul 2016
16:05 PT 
Antartica: A volcano will erupt in the ocean under a large sheet of ice causing several other events to occur, inculding but not limited to, tsunami, increase in sea levels, climate and weather pattern changes.  
11 Jul 2016
20:46 PT
Earthquake magnitude 9.4, near Seattle, Washington State.  
10 Jul 2016
23:10 PT
Nuclear accident at CERN.  
10 Jul 2016
22:45 PT
Terrorist attacks [two countries named]  
07 Jul 2016
00:42 PT
A hurricane will hit New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 2016, exactly 11 years after the hurricane Katrina.  
04 Jul 2016
US  Mass shooting and hostages taken [some details given]  
04 Jul 2016
05:03 PT 
[Airline named] plane crash or emergency landing.  
31 May 2016
20:50 PT
19 May 2016
13:00 PT
Major scientific discovery at CERN [exact date given]  
14 Apr 2016
10:42 PT
Mass school shooting in US [occupation of shooter specified]  
10 Apr 2016
11:28 PT
[Named country] attacks another country, possibly beginning WW3.  
01 Apr 2016
06:03 PT
Passenger airliner crash [destination and date given]  
17 Mar 2016
17:40 PT
Powerful earthquake on west coast of USA, magnitude 9.0 or 9.5, around 20th August 2016.  
08 Mar 2016
16:34 PT
Terrorist attack, building hijack [some details given]  
27 Feb 2016
01:45 PT
[Named] pop star and other stars shot at an event in [country named]  
20 Jan 2016
05:28 PT
 "A group of people acting together to board a commercial airplane with explosives. Did not necessarily make it on board, but may have. This took place inside of an airport near metal detectors and saw people boarding the plane." Possibly [22 March 2016]
Suicide bombing at Brussels airport.
BBC News
15 Jan 2016
19:06 PT
Passenger airliner crash [Plane and location specified]  

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