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Psychic Slots PK (Psychokinesis) Test

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Pay Table
Average Payout: 100%

Use your
powers to win!
PK Challenge
Try to win $20
>> Win Line <<
Bet Win


About Psychic Slots Psychokinesis (PK) Test

This arcade-style slot machine simulation provides a fun way to practice and test your psychokinetic ability.

Click SPIN to make a bet and play (each bet is $1, but of course we're not playing for real money).

You have to try to match the symbol on the middle line of the first (left) reel with the same symbol on the middle line of either (or both) of the other reels. The payouts are shown in the Table.

Decide how many games you want to play, then try to win as much as you can.

If you can win $20 or more, this may indicate psychokinetic ability (or lots of luck).

The slot machine is programmed for 100% overall payout. This means that (without psychokinesis) your average winnings should be zero.

It can be done!

This is a genuine screenshot showing winnings by Kate G of  $52 from 100 plays.

Can you do better?

It is important to decide, in advance, how many plays (bets) you will make. Exactly 100 is a good number.



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